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Code of Conduct

PERI employees

PERI as a globally active family owned company, has specific responsibilities towards our customers, employees, investors and the public. This responsibility includes adherence to the applicable laws at all times, as well as respecting the fundamental ethic values and acting in a sustainable manner in each of our respective areas of responsibility.

Furthermore, our business conduct at PERI has been shaped by our PERI values from the foundation of our company. We are convinced that PERI's success is vitally dependent on the fact that all PERI employees live and implement the PERI values ”entrepreneurial“, ”reliable“, ”open-minded“ and ”passionate“ in our daily actions. These values are the basis for the continuation of the PERI culture of honesty and decency practiced in the past decades.

The responsibility to adhere to these values lies with all of us as PERI employees. The following Code of Conduct is intended to help all to live up to this expectation and as such will provide binding guidelines. The document is also fully supported by the company shareholders. Therefore we expect all of our employees to familiarise themselves with the content of the Code of Conduct and to observe it in their daily work.

It is extremely important to notice, that we will not tolerate any form of bribery, corruption, cartel agreements, discrimination or any other form of violation of law and regulations, of our values or of the basic rules laid down in this Code of Conduct.