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Concrete House, Sussex, United Kingdom


Plats: Sussex, Storbritannien

  • One-storey house with exposed concrete finish throughout
  • Distinctive architecture that comprises irregular angles in addition to varying floor heights


  • Controlling the balance between achieving the architect’s design requirements and ensuring that the arrangement of DUO shutters was compatible with the system’s limitations
  • Complex architecture with comprising irregular angles in addition to varying floor heights throughout
  • Exposed concrete finish throughout
  • High transport requirements and confined site space


Planer/Developer: Adrian Corrigall
Architect: RAW
Concrete supplier: CEMEX


  • Simplied construction process trough small size and leight weight of the panels and associated pieces of DUO
  • Enourmous reduction of the transport costs
  • Aligning with the projects developer's vision of reducing waste during construction trough usage of DUO which consists of 100% recyclable material and can be reused in the production of new panels
Adrian Corrigall, Developer
Adrian Corrigall

The project’s goal from the outset has been to simplify the construction process. By using DUO, we have been able to reduce our transport costs dramatically. Due to the size and weight of the panels and associated pieces of the system, standard delivery can be used. This has allowed transport vehicles to access the site easily and offload without causing traffic issues.”

PERI lösning

  • Formwork and scaffolding solution individually adapted to the technical requirements
  • Project-specific coordinated implementation and logistics concept based on the system properties of the lightweight formwork DUO
  • Close cooperation between all parties involved