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Bosjes Chapel


Plats: Wolseley, Sydafrika

Design Architects: Steyn Studio
Project Architects & Principal Agent: TV3 Architects


  • 20m x 12m with 6m height Intricate roof design
  • Customized girder trusses
  • GT24 Girder
  • MP Towers with MRK frames
  • Shoring support
  • 4mm and12mm Plywood


The architect met with the PERI team two years prior to the project to discuss the project. Based on PERI's past success on similar projects, a formwork solution was found to be viable.

The intricate chapel roof is 20m long x 12m wide and 6m high at the top apex.
It was agreed that a 1:50 concrete demo "cup" was constructed in the PERI Cape Town yard. The professional and project team were involved with the process and shotcrete was selected as the chosed product. The concrete demo proved invaluble in the planning of the project.


Design architects: Steyn Studio
Project architects & principal agent: TV3 Architects
Building contractor: Longworth & Faul


The PERI team offers an overall solution for the intricate chapel roof structure and it provides technical support at the jobsite throughout the whole project.

John Hartnick
John Hartnick

PERI was the only formwork supplier that was man-enough to price this project. From the designing, 3-D formwork modeling, site support, technical know-how and overall service was excellent.

We will gladly partner with them again on more/future projects like these - it can be done!

PERI lösning

PERI Cape Town provided on site support for all set-out points. PERI engineered the truss solution to keep the formwork as simple as possible. Using a combination of trusses and ribs, the structure was formed.

Using Autodesk inventer a total of # 584 x trusses were designed and then produced by a local roof truss manufacturer. All trusses was marked and checked for alignment before delivery to site.

Concrete finish required:
Smooth/shape of slab soffit and to be skimmed.

Sequence of formwork erection : 

  • Shoring towers complete with platforms were erected.
  • Set-out points and levels plumbed and checked. 
  • Trusses placed in position from below and from the top.
  • 38mm timber battens was fixed horizontally as temporary and falsework.
  • Shutterply was fixed in layers, 12mm + 4mm.