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Luxury hotel construction ahead of schedule thanks to comprehensive PERI support

28 sep. 2017


28 sep. 2017
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
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Four Seasons Hotel, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Situated in the shadow of the famous Petronas Towers, one of the most luxurious hotels in the world is currently being realized. For the building complex – the so-called Four Seasons Place – the PERI engineers developed an efficient scaffolding and climbing formwork solution. The most important goal was to facilitate efficient work operations and, at the same time, provide a high degree of safety for the personnel on site. Result: construction process is far ahead of the original planned schedule.

The construction site for the Four Seasons Place Kuala Lumpur Hotel is located north-east of the city centre in the heart of the so-called Golden Triangle – in the most important business and financial district of Kuala Lumpur, in the middle of major shopping centres and numerous other upmarket hotels. Not far from the new luxury hotel are the Petronas Towers which continue to be the most famous landmark of the city.

After completion, the Four Seasons will offer 230 rooms, 242 luxury suites containing up to seven rooms, as well as 27 apartments. The hotel is part of a 77-storey high-rise building which reaches a height of 324.50 m and also features around 30,000 m² of retail space. The complex is known as the Four Seasons Place and will dominate the skyline of Kuala Lumpur together with the Petronas Twin Towers.

Well thought-out planning for accommodating ambitious goals

In particular, minimum crane availability only presented a huge challenge for the construction of the high-rise building. In addition, PERI engineers had to take into consideration many other boundary conditions for the formwork and scaffolding planning, including very high safety requirements. A comprehensive formwork and scaffolding solution was developed in close collaboration with the project contractors, CRCC. Apart from the continuous support during the planning phase provided from the early stages onwards, PERI also took responsibility for all static calculations required for the formwork and scaffolding operations. The result was a practical and efficient combination of PERI UP Scaffold Technology, ST 100 Shoring Towers and the RCS Climbing Protection Panel.

Safe working conditions in all situations

PERI UP shoring was used, among other things, to temporarily support the up to 3.50 m wide reinforced concrete girders at heights of up to 26 m. The extremely flexible scaffolding system could be perfectly adapted to accommodate the loads to be transferred. Furthermore, the construction site team was able to optimally modify all reinforcing steel ribs – in accordance with the construction progress made. PERI UP was not only easy and quick to assemble but it also offered a very high level of safety during use; among other things, through flexible adaptation to suit the complex building construction.

CRCC used RCS Climbing Protection Panels to provide maximum all-round safety for the upper storeys that were under construction. This meant that any dangerous open edges were completely enclosed with this proven enclosure system. On the one hand, this guaranteed a very high level of safety for the construction site personnel when working at great heights which, in turn, resulted in increased working efficiency. On the other, the climbing protection panels prevented any materials from falling to the ground and thus avoiding all possible risk of injury to pedestrians below.

For climbing the protection panels up to the next floor each time, mobile self-climbing devices were used. As a result, the required crane time could be minimized thus saving any additional construction time.

Formwork, scaffolding and engineering from one source

With their extensive know-how, PERI engineers were able to plan an efficient and safe formwork and scaffolding solution as well as providing optimum support for their implementation. In the process, PERI supplied formwork and scaffolding technology from a single source - a substantial advantage for the building contractors. Importantly, the compatibility of the systems and the planning of the overall solution by the PERI team reduced to interface losses along with execution errors to an absolute minimum. The benefit for the customer is increased productivity on the jobsite.

Due to the compatibility of the systems, interface problems were minimized, execution errors avoided and productivity has been maximized. In this way, the previously planned construction time for the Four Seasons Hotel in Kuala Lumpur, could be shortened.