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Porta Nuova Garibaldi, Italy


Plats: Milan, Italien

2 high-rise towers, arranged in a circle around a three-storey centre with a 100 m diameter. With 220 m, tower A is the highest building in Italy, tower B is 102 m high.

Architect: César Pelli & Associates


  • crane-independent climbing solution
  • hardly any storage and preassembly space at the jobsite
  • simultaneous construction of both high-rise towers


Colombo Costruzioni S.p.a., Lecco


  • fabrication of one standard storey per week
  • high safety level for the jobsite staff
  • crane-independent, all-weather work processes
Porta Nuova Garibaldi - Gianfranco Cesana, Construction manager
Gianfranco Cesana
Construction manager

With their most modern technology, PERI offered us the ideal solution for this extraordinary edifice. The proficient support by the PERI engineers both during the planning phase and the construction time were extremely valuable for us.

PERI lösning

  • combined ACS self-climbing variation for crane-independent shuttering, striking and climbing
  • trolley system suspended at the climbing scaffold for prefabricated stairs and built-in steel units
  • time- and cost-saving transportation and anchoring of the placing boom at an ideal, central position in the building
  • access to the climbing scaffolds via suspended stair towers
  • safe, 250 m long casing with RCS of the rounded storeys under construction
  • mobile RCS self-climbing system for crane-independent climbing of the protective wall units
  • integrated RCS elevator ensured fast and crane-independent material transport
  • accurately fitting, preassembled VARIO GT 24 formwork elements